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We offer world-class engineering skills, advanced technical back up and in-depth knowledge of design standards for any type of building. Our engineers are equipped with the most sophisticated mind structures of designers.
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Our associated construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD is the right choice for the best quality in building construction in the greater Pattaya area. Wandeegroup has been working since 2004 and delivered top-class construction projects from luxury pool villas to multistorey condominium buildings.

Pattaya Architecture and Design Firm Mario Kleff ™ Signature

Mario Kleff TM is not an ordinary architecture firm. The man Mario Kleff started in 2004 as an architectural designer at Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd. Over the years, this team has delivered over a hundred building designs and issued over thirty planning permits for multistorey condominium buildings and high-rise structures in Thailand. Due to unusual designs for residential buildings, advanced and fast construction methods for luxury villas, the architect Mario Kleff created the Mario Kleff ™ Signature brand.

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Raising King and Queen Pillars Ceremony near Lieb Tang Rodfai Road in Pattaya


10 July, 2022

The architect responsible, Mario Kleff, and his construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co. Ltd., prepared the construction site for the celebration of the concrete pouring of the King and Queen Pillars. Mr Chanyut Hengtrakool, Former Secretary of the Minister of Education and other political members, took part in the celebration. Chanyut Hengtrakool opened the event with a blessing ceremony for the prosperity of the project under construction ...

Architect Mario Kleff demonstrates the use of exotic wood in furniture design for luxury homes


18 March, 2022

Mario Kleff, the Pattaya-based architect, known for designing and engineering high-quality residential buildings in Pattaya and across Thailand has started manufacturing bespoke furniture using the three types of local hardwood. Kleff and his team of expert engineers, architects and interior designers were able to acquire the rare and incredibly expensive wood types locally and process it at their site. The processing also includes dying the wood to give it that dark finish ...

Mario Kleff designed the longest steel box girder used in residential construction in Thailand


08 March, 2022

The architect Mario Kleff from Pattaya and his construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd continue to set new standards in residential construction in Pattaya and across Thailand. With a joint effort, between Wandegroup Asia Co LTD and B.S.Y. Group PLC, large box girders were installed to achieve a cantilever reaching over 19 metres to each wing side starting from a centre column. The enormous steel girders were designed by Mario himself and fabricated in Samut Prakan ...

Signature Architecture

Pending trademark

11 February 2022 - Today

Recognized as the most innovative architecture and design firm in Pattaya, Mario Kleff TM specialize in modern architecture and engineering and is now pending a registered trademark including all creative works and architectural designs. In the early nineties, the designer Mario Kleff, born in Germany, learned the essential cornerstones of Japanese design philosophy and mathematics. Later in Japan, Mario Kleff deepened his knowledge in Japanese architecture and ZEN style. His personal favor is the minimalist and brutalist architecture.

Mario Kleff sets a new standard for construction sites in Pattaya


02 October, 2021

The Pattaya-based construction company Wandeegroup Asia, under the direction of CEO Mario Kleff, began work in June of this year. The Substructure work, consisting of 100+ piles and large concrete foundations were laid first, allowing the new villa to be safely and firmly set on the rock. What followed would impress some of the world’s greatest engineers, as large steel girders were prepared for the two upper floors, sitting on a 48-meter-long steel girder — 48 meter is the distance ...

Germany’s finest engineering applied to residential properties in Pattaya


09 September, 2021

A few months ago, the German architect Mario Kleff demolished two new villas on Pratumnak Hill, which he is now replacing with a new one. The villa is being built using German engineering quality, with reinforced concrete and long steel girders. Intensive construction work has been underway at the Majestic Residence, Soi 366 Kasetsin, on Pratumnak Hill since May. Numerous trucks deliver steel and concrete every day for the construction of the Majestic Residence Villa by architect Mario Kleff TM Signature. It was also planned to retain the ...

Mario Kleff TM Creates Signature Buildings

Every building with the Mario Kleff TM trademark is a property with added value. Signature buildings are uniquely designed structures from luxurious pool villas to iconic high-rise. From 2005 to 2010 the Mario Kleff TM signature was affixed to five buildings. Early buildings of Mario Kleff include a series of modern villas, two of which are signature structures, the Villa Futureproof and the Japanese House I on Phra Tamnak Hill. Other buildings of Mario Kleff include the Koi House and the Falling Rain — modern concrete buildings in the larger area of Pattaya.

Mario Kleff is considered not only the best architect in Pattaya with a top-class construction company, but the first architecture firm that implements modern and sophisticated construction technologies into residential developements in the Chon Buri region, including turn-key construction services with his professional construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd. Mario Kleff TM work internationally and can be booked as an brand architect and engineer.

Mario Kleff TM offer professional architectural designs with modern engineering solutions as well as the planning of high-rise building and large scaled real estate developments. Planning permit and other required documents are guaranteed and part of the service in Pattaya City. The best there is, Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD and Mario Kleff ™ - quality architecture design.

An Architect Builds His Brand

Mario Kleff has been creating architecture design since 2004 and has developed into a recognizable brand for brutalist and minimalist architecture in Thailand. The heavy use of concrete and steel is the hallmark that the people have seen in the years on almost every Wandeegroup project including Park Royal 1, Park Royal 3 and Laguna Heights. Mario Kleff TM do not offer sustainable architecture designs. Concrete, steel and bricks built on a solid foundation, make a great building.

Architect Mario Kleff designed Park Royal 2 with cellular beam

06 September 2009 - 03 May 2011

Since the beginning, when architect Mario Kleff from Pattaya cooperated with his architecture and construction company Wandeegroup, long-span structures, steel frame buildings and exposed concrete buildings incorporated cellular beams and steel box carriers and glass façade. Park Royal 2 is a residential complex located on Phra Tamnak Hill, Pattaya, Chon Buri 20150. Park Royal 2 condominium comprises of a single building with 8 floors and 85 units. The designer and lead architect is Mario Kleff ...

Mario Kleff - The designer and developer of The Touch ®

03 July 2010 - 26 May 2015

In 2010, Mario Kleff launched his first real estate development The Touch ®, an innovative high-rise structure with only two support columns of 131 meter and with a span of 25 meter. Mario Kleff is the architect, the engineer and the developer of The Touch ®. After Mario Kleff passed the process of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and received the official planning permit for The Touch ®, construction began in December 2011. The project was sold after the basic work ...

Architect Mario Kleff designed the Wong Amat Tower in Pattaya

13 May 2009 - 09 August 2015

The ultra-modern Wong Amat Tower designed in 2009 is another signature residential complex by the architect Mario Kleff. The Wong Amat Tower was topped out in January 2014 and completed in 2015. The project contract included a 27 meter high detached building that served as a exhibition space. The structure was built by Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co LTD in the same year. Mario Kleff from Pattaya is the designer and architect. The original design of the Wong Amat Tower included the use of cellular beam ...

A Creative Lifestyle Leads The Way

There are also a number of tailor-made motorcycles and cars that are created not as a business solution, but as an expression of Mario Kleff's personal character and substantial pillars of his architecture firm in Pattaya. Mario Kleff is an artist and businessman who lives an uncompromising lifestyle, including wildlife care and the creation of custom cars and motorcycles. Part of Kleff's life, a companionship with the leopards Fasai and Typhoon. To get the most out of their life, architect Mario Kleff lived for 13 months outdoors ...

In terms of his creative lifestyle, architect Mario Kleff registered the Mario Kleff TM brand - a Pattaya architecture and design firm, a trademark to enhance design services and to create architectural art. When Mario Kleff was frequently asked about his story, If we advertise lobster we should deliver it – and there’s also a nice market for fresh juicy shrimps as well., he said. For more personal information on Mario Kleff, check out Mario Kleff - Frequently Asked Questions About The Architect.

Mario Kleff - a brief biography of the man

06 February 1993 - Today

Mario Kleff - A short biography of the man was written to explain why creativity and uniqueness in life are the most important pillars to achieve success and failure. Starting in 2002 poor as a coconut seller in Bang Khun Thian, he became a recognized architect in Thailand. By the end of 2020 Mario Kleff had designed over 150 buildings. For Mario Kleff, architecture is life itself. From an arts student to Wandeegroup CEO — In the 1990s, Mario Kleff moved to Bonn for the first time and later to Munich to pursue a career in fine art ...

Competence In Real Estate Development

The German-Thai architect Mario Kleff is a specialist in design engineering and architectural design for buildings of any kind, including developing high-rise buildings and construction of long-span structures. Mario Kleff has been working as a design engineer since 1997.

The Pattaya-based architect was first known in public with his Wandeegroup (Thailand) for the design of the Villa Futureproof and the Japanese House in 2005 on Phra Tamnak Hill. Since then, architect Mario Kleff has designed over a hundred buildings, and over thirty structures built with his Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd.

The Laguna Heights in Pattaya and Park Royal 1 are the first luxury condominium buildings completed by Mario Kleff and the Wandeegroup. Numerous real estate developments followed including The Wave, On The Hill, South Beach, Park Royal 2, Park Royal 3, and Club Royal Condominium, Laguna Bay 1 and Laguna Bay 2, Sky Park Towers and Parkside Shopping, and Suan Sawarn with thirteen multistorey buildings - the first condominium complex sold at 1.000.000 baht per unit in Pattaya City. The idea and the master planning for Suan Sawarn was credited Mario Kleff. Suan Sawarn and its architecture design is now known as The Ivy Jomtien.

In total, architect Mario Kleff has designed over fifty low rise condominium blocks and nine high-rise structures with heights from 100 to 300 meter.

The competence figure of Mario Kleff includes planning infrastructure and environmental design of projects up to 1000 hectares. Although some of the projects have never been built up, Mario Kleff was involved in the design of public buildings, shopping centers, rehabilitation facilities, large scaled residential projects, hotel and hospital proposed by the Government of Thailand and Laos.

Other noteworthy achievements include the introduction of cellular beam in Thailand (see also Cutting edge design and construction) and the design and the installation of the longest cellular beam in residential construction in Thailand. One of the most exclusive showrooms in Pattaya is a 9 storey tall steel frame structure containing units of the Wong Amat Tower.

However, it is not only the architectural design and construction quality defining the growing architect, but creative thinking in business and life. Mario Kleff is a master conceptionist and visioner. Read some more of his earlier years and start in Pattaya Page 80, REm Issue 115-12/2010

Mario Kleff – A Wild Life

Due to a creative lifestyle that Mario Kleff continues to live, people asked him to put together his stories and write a book. After a year of research and collection of factual evidence, a British journalist and author agreed to write a biography about Mario Kleff. Another in the team is an illustrator from Thailand who forms the chapters in anime style.


Biography book Mario Kleff - Without Fear

Mario Kleff cuts an unconventional figure in the echelons of the real estate business in Thailand. Originally from Germany, the story of the man began in Bang Khun Thian, one of 50 districts Bangkok, Thailand. Without money and with just a bamboo hut as a home, Mario Kleff found a livelihood by selling coconuts in a longtail boat on the water channels to Bangkok. Within a few years, he became a millionaire and a recognized architect on the Eastern Seaboard.

Mario has, indeed, a fascinating character; a driven individual who knows what he wants and generally knows how to get it. His sheer will and commitment leads to its own way in privacy and in business. He prefers a companionship of leopards rather than a common family life. He builds up his own cars and motorcycles and stands the consequences of an uncompromising and creative lifestyle. Mario Kleff was born into a middle-class family with an aristocratic background. His motto: Express yourself without fear ...

Mario Kleff – Investing for success

... I was only interested in up-market projects because they gave me the scope to put my personal stamp on them. I welded steel plates to the beam and foundation with my name and date of creation, he said. I wasn’t able to do that with mid-market or budget priced housing because there was no design challenge involved in them. It wasn’t possible to achieve anything special because of budgetary constraints. The need to be individual, perhaps even unique, was so important to Mario that he took on a villa project only if he was given an entirely free hand to design what he liked. The owner’s job was to stipulate what he wanted the property to consist of and no more. The structure was up to Mario.

By the end of 2007, the Wandeegroup had around 100 construction workers on the payroll in addition to its office staff. Mario Kleff knew that the key to achieving what he wanted on site was having the right people in charge, so he chose three foremen who he personally trained in his own, inimitable way. Each had a car, a salary, and the motivation of a percentage of the profits from the projects under their control. They were trained in the same strict manner I had used with my office staff, said Mario. I earned their respect and loyalty by being tough. They quickly learned that they were to take orders from nobody but me. We drank together, celebrated together and, on occasions, I set aside the fact I was the boss and we fought together. They called me crazy, as did my office staff, but it achieved results that they could share in.

By the end of 2009, Mario Kleff and his Wandeegroup had designed between 30 and 40 apartment buildings, including individual structures like the Leto, View Talay, South Beach Boutique Chic, I-Condominium, On The Hill, Domum, Maraka, Laguna Bay, Laguna Heights and The Cube. But there were also more complex developments on the drawing board like The Wave with 2 buildings, Park Royal Series, consisting of 4 buildings, and the Club Royal with 5 buildings for Heights Holdings Co Ltd managed by CEO Haim Bar-David. The Club Royal was subjected to three complete redesigns including new building permits, said Mario, somewhat grimly. Mario Kleff also designed the Suan Sawarn complex of 13 buildings, the largest condominium resort of the TAG Development Group, under the direction of Gordon Keith Gillen. The development of Suan Sawarn consisted of four phases. The architectural design and the master plan of Suan Sawarn phase 1 remain and can be regarded as new development The Ivy Jomtien.

Chapter 8 - The wager

11 September 2021

"The ancient, magical, beautiful Book of Kells was to become an obsession for Mario Kleff, adding his name to an illustrious list of scholars who had come under its spell. The 1,200 year old book is a masterpiece of medieval illuminated script. Its 680 pages each measure 33 centimetres by 25 and are widely believed to have been originated by Columban monks on the Scottish island of Iona in about the year 800 AD ...

Mario Kleff with his leopards Fasai and Typhoon

Biography book illustration by Chellin, Mario Kleff with his leopards Fasai and Typhoon

Buildings and interior in Pattaya designed by the architect Mario Kleff - and what has changed until completion.

In Pattaya it is common to start with a design to change it later during the construction period. Mario Kleff TM do not welcome this approach. See some buildings and interior that have changed from the initial design to completion.