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FAQ about the brand
FAQ about the architect
Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd is the top choice for quality construction in Pattaya. Specializing in luxury villas and multi-story condominiums, we partner with Wandee Super Span Co Ltd offer advanced solutions in long span and post-tensioning techniques, enhancing our construction capabilities.

Signature Architect & Architectural Designer Mario Kleff®

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Mario Kleff, an award-winning architect, has left an indelible mark on Pattaya's skyline with his iconic buildings. Recognized for his innovative designs, he received a recommendation from Thai authorities for a PhD in Architecture in 2010, showcasing his profound impact on the field.

Comprehending Signature and Trademark Architecture

Signature and trademark architecture refers to the unique and identifiable design style of an architect, making their creations instantly distinguishable. Similar to an artist signing a painting, this concept showcases the architect's personal brand and creative identity. Signature architects leave their mark through inventive use of materials, distinctive forms, and innovative design philosophies, crafting a recognizable and acclaimed body of work.

Mario Kleff plan of Villa Futureproof

Floor plan Villa Futureproof by Mario Kleff

Pioneering Engineering: Cellular Beam Thailand

Mario Kleff introduced the cellular beam Thailand, a new generation of creative engineering, highlighted (PDF-File), Property & Lifestyle Magazine, 2008. His innovative approach allowed for the longest span of 40 meters in residential construction in Pattaya showcased in Mario Kleff - Master of the Golden Mean (PDF-File), Property & Lifestyle Magazine, 2008

Mario Kleff plan for a museum

Drawings for a museum by Mario Kleff

Expansive Portfolio

With over 180 architectural designs, Mario Kleff stands out as a leading architectural designer based in Pattaya. His expertise spans various projects, including:

  • Nine high-rise buildings
  • Over fifty 8-storey structures
  • More than 120 villas
  • Shopping complexes
  • Hotels
  • Resorts

Mario Kleff signature villa with long span

Render of a pool villa in Pattaya by Mario Kleff

Mario Kleff signature villa high up

Render of a villa high up in the sky by Mario Kleff

Signature Villas and Long Spans

Mario Kleff's signature villa designs are renowned for their long spans and revolutionary use of the ceellular beam in residential construction. In 2021, he achieved a groundbreaking feat with a 48-meter span. Furthermore, he reached another milestone with a 30-meter span using prestressed concrete girders, setting new standards in architectural engineering in Pattaya.

Mario Kleff Signature Villas

Mario Kleff Signature Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas

Mario Kleff Signature Villa

Mario Kleff Signature Majestic Residence Villa

Awards and Recognition

Mario Kleff has received numerous prestigious awards, including an Honorable Mention at the 2023 LIV Hospitality Design Awards for the Japanese House II project and the Best Single Residence award at the 2024 International Property Awards Asia Pacific for the Majestic Residence Signature Villa.

Mario Kleff's architectural design for South Beach Boutique Chic was awarded Best Boutique Condo Development at the 2012 Thailand Property Awards.

Mario Kleff International Property Awards Asia Pacific

Mario Kleff LIV Hospitality Design Awards

Recent Projects

Château de Kleff

In February 2024, signature architect Mario Kleff completed the design of his 38th 8-story condominium building, 'Château de Kleff' in Pattaya. This project features 140 units with 1 and 2-bedroom layouts, highlighting his unwavering dedication to innovative architecture.

Mario Kleff Signature Condominium

Mario Kleff Signature condominium Château de Kleff

Zenith Residences Pattaya

In August 2023, the Zenith Residences Pattaya project was introduced in a meeting reported by Thaiger News. This development aims to revolutionize housing with ultra-luxurious mansions, featuring avant-garde concrete beams spanning up to 70 meters.

Mario Kleff Zenith Residences Pattaya

Mario Kleff's masterplan Zenith Residences Pattaya

Business Ventures

Mario Kleff's design influence extends beyond architecture. Under his leadership, Wandee Super Span Co Ltd and Wandeegroup Asia have made significant impacts on Thailand's architectural scene, delivering structural engineering records and contemporary homes.

Legacy and Achievements

From the iconic Wong Amat Tower to the elegant Park Royal 2 and Park Royal 3, the 'Royal Familiy' are the Crown Jewels, Mario Kleff's portfolio is a statement to his architectural brilliance. His work is not just about constructing buildings; it is about building timeless legacies.

About Mario Kleff

Mario Kleff, with over 19 years of experience, is a transformative figure in Pattaya's architectural landscape. As the lead architect behind the Signature Architect firm MK, he emphasizes expansive spans and contemporary brutalist principles, partnering with Wandeegroup Asia for cutting-edge engineering and construction methodologies.

Pioneering Projects

The Showroom Wong Amat Tower, breaking Pattaya's 9-meter height constraint by rising to 27 meters, offers unmatched sea views, setting a new benchmark in urban living.

Recent Shifts

Responding to market dynamics, Mario now delves into designing opulent pool villas, continuing his legacy from his villa series that started in 2005. His standout creations like the Japanese House II series, Wing House, and Phoenix Villa stand as hallmarks of his versatility.

Mario Kleff Concrete House

Mario Kleff Phoenix Villa or Toy House

Mario Kleff Concrete Villa

Design Integrity

In the fluctuating urban dynamics of Pattaya, Mario stands firm on his commitment to design integrity, ensuring that initial visions are realized in the final projects without compromise.

Mario Kleff: The Visionary

Before 2010 , Mario Kleff's innovations were the talk of the town, gracing billboards and magazines, and resonating across TV and radio. His journey, fueled by innovation, has firmly planted him as a cornerstone of construction excellence in Pattaya.

Access the German language version via the Deutschsprachige Ausführung link.

To study FAQ in German language visit Fragen und Antworten zum Architekten Mario Kleff in Pattaya.

Skeletal structure of a 2-story villa

Skeletal structure of a 2-story villa designed by architect Mario Kleff

Skeletal structure of a 2-story villa

Skeletal structure of a 3-story villa designed by architect Mario Kleff

Skeletal structure of a minimalist villa

Skeletal structure of a minimalist villa designed by architect Mario Kleff

Skeletal structure of a Thai-Bali villa

Skeletal structure of a Thai-Bali villa designed by architect Mario Kleff

Skeletal structure of an industrial villa

Skeletal structure of an industrial villa designed by architect Mario Kleff

Skeletal structure of two villas

Skeletal structure of two villas designed by architect Mario Kleff

Elevating Luxury Real Estate: Mario Kleff's Exemplary Projects in 2023 and 2022

Within the sphere of real estate projects, the year 2023 and 2022 witnessed the distinguished contributions of Mario Kleff. At the heart of his offerings lies an integrated suite of services encompassing architectural design, civil engineering, and the meticulous construction of real estate development projects, all meticulously curated under the banner of Mario Kleff Signature Architect. The MK teams stand as paragons of versatility, poised to embark on projects spanning a wide spectrum, from engineering and foundational structure work to the intricate realms of interior aesthetics and landscape harmonization.

Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas

Among the notable creations is the Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas, also known as Sun Diego Resort Villa Pattaya, a real estate marvel conceived in 2022, which unfurls its opulence in the form of 11 exquisite pool villas and a sumptuous hotel nestled in the vibrant tapestry of Pattaya. It bears the imprimatur of both visionary design and dedicated craftsmanship, with the distinction of being meticulously curated under the aegis of developer Mario Kleff.

Majestic Residence Signature Villa

In a parallel venture, Majestic Residence Villa stands as an emblematic testament to the signature house developments that graced the Pattaya landscape in 2022. This luxurious pool villa exemplifies the fusion of architectural finesse and refined elegance, encapsulating the essence of Mario Kleff's creative vision.

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Mario Kleff Unveils Comprehensive Architecture and Construction Services

Architectural Mastermind's Vision

In the realm of architectural innovation and construction excellence, the luminary figure, Architect Mario Kleff, commands the spotlight with a duo of prestigious ventures: Wandee Super Span Co Ltd, an esteemed engineering and consulting firm, and Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd, an avant-garde design and construction company. Together, under Mario Kleff's visionary leadership, these enterprises have cast a profound influence on the architectural landscape of Thailand, specializing in pioneering structural engineering feats and the creation of contemporary homes adorned with expansive spans and post-tensioned concrete designs.

Unveiling the Epitome of Architectural Excellence

At the heart of Pattaya's architectural world lies an unwavering commitment to excellence, with Mario Kleff offering an array of unparalleled services. Their expertise encompasses all facets of architectural endeavor, from the conceptualization of master plans to the meticulous crafting of scale models, and the creation of immersive CGI experiences. These services, each a statement to Mario Kleff's commitment to perfection, provide clients with a holistic and visionary approach to architectural design.

Step into the Future with MK Architects Pattaya

To explore these groundbreaking services further, venture into the digital realm of MK Architects Pattaya. Here, the journey unfolds into a world of boundless possibilities, where architectural dreams become tangible realities. Navigate through a mesmerizing array of 3D models and rendering, each a manifestation of Mario Kleff's unrivaled creativity and precision.

A Glimpse of Tomorrow, Today

As the sun sets over the horizon of architectural achievement, Mario Kleff stands as the vanguard, offering full-service solutions that redefine the boundaries of what is possible. With visionary leadership, unwavering commitment to excellence, and a portfolio that speaks volumes, Mario Kleff invites you to witness the future of architecture and construction. Step into a business where dreams take shape, and innovation knows no bounds.

Signature city villa by architect Mario Kleff

Signature city villa by architect Mario Kleff

Signature beachfront villa by architect Mario Kleff

Signature beachfront villa by architect Mario Kleff

Signature waterfront villa by architect Mario Kleff

Signature waterfront villa by architect Mario Kleff

Signature mountain villa by architect Mario Kleff

Signature mountain villa by architect Mario Kleff

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A Legacy Etched in Elegance: Journey of the Designer of 150 Architectural Marvels

As the sun touches shores of Na Kluea, Pattaya, bore witness, a monumental milestone in Thai architecture was born – the iconic Wongamat Tower. This lofty edifice, a statement to Kleff's creative genius, stands as his inaugural high-rise creation in the Kingdom of Thailand. Kleff holds the copyrights of the Wongamat Tower.

But the Wongamat Tower is just a single brushstroke on the canvas of Mario Kleff's prodigious career. With over 150 architectural designs attributed to his name, Kleff's portfolio transcends mere numbers. Each structure, a symphony of design and functionality, whispers tales of meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to architectural excellence.

Mario Kleff plan for an office building

Mario Kleff's voyage through the realms of design and construction is a saga of distinction. His sojourn in Thailand, a harmonious blend of innovation and cultural immersion, has left an indelible imprint on Pattaya's architectural tapestry. His creations are not merely buildings but rather, timeless legacies that inspire future generations.

Mario Kleff lives in Thailand since 2002. In relation to his professional life, the architect has registered his birth name as a trademark in Thailand.

Wong Amat Tower designed by architect Mario Kleff

Iconic high-rise building by architect Mario Kleff, Wongamat Tower

Mario Kleff Redefines Urban Living: The Showroom Wong Amat Tower

Mario Kleff, the visionary architect renowned for his innovative designs, consistently raises the bar of architectural achievement with each of his projects. One notable exemplar of his trailblazing vision is the Showroom Wong Amat Tower, a pioneering masterpiece that, in the year 2010, marked a watershed moment for Pattaya. This architectural marvel, an ephemeral yet resplendent freestanding edifice, boldly transcended the city's stringent 9-meter height constraint.

The Showroom Wong Amat Tower stands as a testament to ingenuity, featuring a robust infrastructure composed of a reinforced concrete deck, artfully juxtaposed with concrete panels, all gracefully supported by a towering steel framework soaring to a staggering height of 27 meters. The project's overarching objective was nothing short of extraordinary – to provide discerning occupants with uninterrupted vistas of the majestic sea, meticulously aligning their perspective with those offered by the iconic Wongamat Tower.

In this symphony of architectural finesse, Mario Kleff seamlessly merged form and function, crafting a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. The Showroom Wong Amat Tower not only defied conventional constraints but also elevated the very essence of urban living, ensuring that its privileged residents were bestowed with an unparalleled connection to the boundless horizons of Pattaya's azure seascape.

Showroom Wong Amat Tower designed by architect Mario Kleff

27 meter tall steel structure by architect Mario Kleff, Showroom Wong Amat Tower

Pioneering Architectural Triumph: Mario Kleff's Park Royal 2

In the nascent stages of his illustrious career, Mario Kleff, the distinguished architect, lent his visionary touch to the design of nearly fifty condominium structures, most notably the South Beach Boutique Chic. This pivotal phase of his professional journey was marked by an unwavering commitment to the creation of multi-story residential enclaves, both within the enchanting realms of Thailand and on the international stage.

Among these notable endeavors stands the Park Royal 2, a masterpiece that ushered in a new era for the city of Pattaya. Notably, it emerged as the city's inaugural apartment building graced with an imposing eight-story core, representing a pioneering stride in architectural innovation.

The quintessential hallmark of architect Mario Kleff's design prowess, Park Royal 2, epitomizes the elegance and functionality inherent in his creations. This eight-story condominium structure, characterized by its resplendent stature, exudes an air of sophistication and meticulous craftsmanship.

Park Royal 2 designed by architect Mario Kleff

Characteristic 8-story condominium building by architect Mario Kleff, Park Royal 2

Laguna Heights: Excellence in Eight-Story Condominiums in Pattaya

In the realm of eight-story condominium developments, Laguna Heights reigns supreme as an exemplar of unparalleled construction quality. Spanning an impressive expanse of 10,000 square meters, this majestic edifice, brought to life by Mario's construction juggernaut, Wandeegroup, in 2008, graces the pristine shores of Wong Amat Beach in Pattaya.

With a decade's worth of invaluable experience in the realms of architecture and construction, Mario Kleff embarked upon a new frontier, venturing into the realm of real estate development. This audacious leap culminated in the creation of The Touch®, an avant-garde, distinctive high-rise structure perched majestically on the hallowed grounds of Phra Tamnak Hill. In doing so, he etched his name not only as an architectural luminary but also as a trailblazer in the realm of high-rise residential innovation.

Laguna Heights designed by architect Mario Kleff

Strongest 8-story condominium building by architect Mario Kleff, Laguna Heights

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The Touch®: A Distinctive High-Rise Icon on Phra Tamnak Hill

Following a decade marked by the relentless pursuit of architectural excellence and construction expertise, Mario Kleff embarked on a transformative journey into the realm of real estate development. His visionary prowess and unwavering commitment to innovation converged to give birth to The Touch®, a groundbreaking and distinctive high-rise architectural masterpiece that now graces the illustrious landscape of Phra Tamnak Hill.

The Touch designed by architect Mario Kleff

State-of-the-art high-rise building by architect Mario Kleff, The Touch

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Focus to Luxury Pool Villas in Pattaya Amid Evolving Market Dynamics

In response to the dynamic fluctuations within the real estate market, Mario Kleff has gracefully pivoted his concentration towards the meticulous design and development of opulent pool villas in the vibrant city of Pattaya. This strategic shift in his architectural endeavors marks a notable chapter in his illustrious career.

However, one must not overlook the architect's earlier forays into the realm of signature villa construction, a period spanning from 2005 to 2012. During this span of creative exploration, Mario Kleff's architectural ingenuity gave rise to a collection of distinctive and iconic villas. Among these gems, the "Japanese House" series stands as a testament to his multicultural design sensibilities, while other remarkable creations include Villa Futureproof (2005), Wing House (2006), Koi House (2007), Capsule House (2008), Falling Rain (2008), Phoenix Villa (2010), and Merit Villa (2012), to name just a select few.

Explore more villas and read further about the Japanese House II.

One particularly renowned gem in this portfolio is Japanese House II, nestled in close proximity, a mere 150 meters from the tranquil shores of Cozy Beach in Pattaya. Mario Kleff's architectural journey, marked by innovation and artistic brilliance, continues to captivate and redefine luxury living in this ever-evolving coastal city.

Signature villa Japanese House II by architect Mario Kleff

Signature villa Japanese House II by architect Mario Kleff

Signature villa Japanese House I by architect Mario Kleff

Signature villa Japanese House I by architect Mario Kleff

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Prioritizing Design Integrity in Pattaya's Buildings and Interior

Commencing a project with a specific design vision and subsequently altering it during the construction phase is a commonly observed practice within the vibrant urban landscape of Pattaya. However, it is imperative to underscore that this particular approach does not align with the unwavering principles upheld by the visionary architect, Mario Kleff ®. His commitment to design integrity and meticulous planning is vividly exemplified by a comprehensive examination of several structures, revealing the stark transformations that have transpired from the initial design concept to the ultimate realization of each project.

Innovations and Creative Engineering Solutions Recognized

Before the year 2010, Mario Kleff's architectural innovations and engineering acumen commanded prominent visibility across a multitude of media platforms. His visionary designs and groundbreaking solutions graced the billboards, resonated through the airwaves, illuminated television screens, and adorned the pages of every distinguished Pattaya magazine.

During this era, the front page of these publications often served as a canvas for the captivating image of his beloved daughter, Jiang Li Wongsin, further embellishing the narrative of his remarkable journey in the realm of architecture and construction. A noteworthy milestone also punctuated this period as The Pattaya Property & Lifestyle Magazine heralded the advent of the city's inaugural cellular beam — an announcement that underscored Mario Kleff's enduring legacy in shaping Pattaya's architectural landscape.

Jiang Li Wongsin on The Property & Lifestyle Magazine

New generation of creative engineering: cellular beam, The Property & Lifestyle Magazine, Dec 2008

Elegant Simplicity, The Metier of Mario Kleff

As you gaze upon this month's front cover and, guided by the index, have found your way to this article, you may understandably ponder the curious connection between a young girl, an array of Lego pieces, and the esteemed Architect of Lifestyle, Mario Kleff. The enigma finds its resolution in a rather straightforward truth: there exist discernible parallels between Mario's avant-garde engineering methodologies and the art of constructing with Lego.

Now, who is this young girl gracing the pages, you might ask? She is none other than Mario's daughter. Her cameo serves as a profound message, one that resonates with clarity — building in the distinctive style of Mario is akin to child's play. In this eloquent juxtaposition, we discover that the complex world of architectural innovation, as crafted by Mario Kleff, carries with it an inherent simplicity, where imagination and creativity flourish as effortlessly as a child's playtime pursuits.

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Trailblazing Achievements: Advancements in Construction Technology and Recognition in the World of Architecture

Architect Mario Kleff was granted official authorization for the integration of cellular beams spanning 20 to 40 meters in length, alongside post-tensioned concrete slabs, for the prestigious Club Royal Condominium complex. The esteemed Thai engineer, Professor Somsak Khumplew, provided invaluable support throughout this pioneering endeavor.

However, it is noteworthy that the initial concept for the Club Royal Condominium complex underwent a significant transformation. This transformative evolution paved the way for a groundbreaking milestone, as the Park Royal 2 Condominium in Pattaya emerged as Thailand's inaugural residential structure constructed with post-tensioned concrete slabs atop cellular beams. A comprehensive account of the innovative engineering behind this achievement is available at https://wandeegroup.com/pdf/mario-kleff-cellular-beam-engineering.pdf

In recognition of his exceptional expertise and enduring contributions to innovative technology and design solutions within the realms of architecture and construction, Mario Kleff was accorded a competence certification and was highly recommended for a Doctorate in Architecture. The official commendation can be explored in detail at /pdf/mario-kleff-recommendation-letter-original-translated.pdf

From International Acclaim to Pattaya's Real Estate Renaissance

In 2010, the world celebrated Mario Kleff as an international star architect, his name resonating on a global scale. However, the trajectory of his career took an intriguing turn in 2017 when he seemingly vanished from the spotlight. His hiatus concluded in 2022, marked by his triumphant return to the realm of real estate development in the picturesque locale of Pattaya.

The period from the onset of 2021 to the conclusion of 2022 bore witness to the resolute resurgence of architect Mario Kleff. During this prolific interval, he meticulously crafted the designs for an impressive array of 17 new villas and houses, each a testament to his enduring dedication to architectural innovation.

Notably, the claims of an international star architect, which had once adorned his accolades, experienced an eclipse in 2011. This downturn resulted from the discontinuation of ambitious projects in both New York and Moscow. Nevertheless, Mario Kleff's recent endeavors in Pattaya serve as a captivating renaissance, reigniting the promise of a visionary architect once celebrated on a global stage.

However, the term "Star Architect" is a false claim, created by the developer Heights Holdings to enhance design and sales for their development projects designed by Wandeegroup and Mario Kleff. Consequently, the press published severe articles with this claim. These press articles were later removed from online presence and now exist only in PDF format as shown on this site.

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Nittaya Wongsin – Partner in Business and Life

In the continuing saga of Mario Kleff, a magazine story was devoted to his alter ego, his wife and partner, both in business and life, Nittaya Wongsin - A creative business acumen and relational artistry on the front page The Property & Lifestyle Magazine. https://wandeegroup.com/pdf/nittaya-wongsin-a-creative-business-acumen.pdf

Nittaya Wongsin on The Property & Lifestyle

Nittaya Wongsin – A creative business acumen and relational artistry, The Property & Lifestyle Magazine, May 2010.

Deutsche Nachrichten über den Architekten Mario Kleff in Thailand



Der Farang, 10.08.23 Treffen mit Spezialisten für Innovationen im Hochbau in Pattaya

Der Farang, 30.03.23 Die Entwicklung von Mario Kleff, Architekt

Der Farang, 24.11.22 In Pattaya werden im Bausektor neue Maßstäbe gesetzt

Wochenblitz, 11.07.22 Zeremonie der Säulen des Königs und der Königin

Der Farang, 26.05.22 Luxuriöse Villen an der Lieb Tang Roadfai Road

Der Farang, 22.09.21 Bauen wie in Deutschland

Der Farang, 14.06.13 Klein-Manhattan am Golf von Thailand

Latest News about Mario Kleff the Architect

Newspaper and Magazine


CAAN Design, September 21, 2023

Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas: Architectural Excellence in Pattaya

In the world of architecture and construction, innovation is a driving force. Among the latest marvels of residential development in Thailand stands Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas, masterminded by renowned architect Mario Kleff. Sprawled across 9600 m2 in Pattaya, this monumental project comprises 11 luxury pool villas and a hotel, setting new benchmarks for construction quality in the region. This ambitious venture saw Mario Kleff teaming up with Waraporn Na-Lampang in the architectural realm...

Thaiger, August 10, 2023

Building dreams: Concrete ideas flow at Pattaya villa meet for Zenith Residences

In a groundbreaking development, a meeting was held yesterday morning to discuss innovative concrete solutions for the construction of the new Zenith Residences Pattaya, a luxury housing project comprising seven large residences. This project is set to introduce construction materials and technical solutions that have never been used before in Thailand’s residential construction sector. The meeting’s focal point was the production and installation of prestressed concrete beams...

Thailand Construction & Engineering News, November 26, 2022

In Pattaya, The Construction Quality For Residential Buildings Is Brought To A New Level

Mario Kleff and Songkiat Matupayont, expert designers from Thailand, have formed a team that will see the duo work on a new villa project in Pattaya. Lieb Tang Rodfai Villas is a modern residential project with plans for homes of 700-1600 m2. The designs of the structures with post-tensioned foundations are rather outlandish on a construction site in Thailand. This is an important step for both of us in jointly engineering a real estate project in Thailand that will raise...

Thaiger, November 23, 2022

Construction work in Pattaya brought to a new level

Numerous new real estate projects are underway, presenting the finest in engineering and construction quality from villas to high-rise buildings. Said structures are all designed by the eclectic architect Mario Kleff who relentlessly pushes the limits and presents new engineering solutions in the field of residential construction. When it comes to setting new standards in residential construction in Pattaya, Mario Kleff must be mentioned in this context...

Thaiger, July 10, 2022

Raising King and Queen Pillars Ceremony near Lieb Tang Rodfai Road in Pattaya

The architect responsible, Mario Kleff, and his construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co. Ltd., prepared the construction site for the celebration of the concrete pouring of the King and Queen Pillars. Mr Chanyut Hengtrakool, Former Secretary of the Minister of Education and other political members, took part in the celebration. Chanyut Hengtrakool opened the event with a blessing ceremony for the prosperity of the project under construction...

Thaiger, March 18, 2022

Architect Mario Kleff demonstrates the use of exotic wood in furniture design for luxury homes

Mario Kleff, the Pattaya-based architect, known for designing and engineering high-quality residential buildings in Pattaya and across Thailand has started manufacturing bespoke furniture using the three types of local hardwood. Kleff and his team of expert engineers, architects and interior designers were able to acquire the rare and incredibly expensive wood types locally and process it at their site. The processing also includes dying the wood to give it that dark finish...

Thaiger, March 08, 2022

Mario Kleff designed the longest steel box girder used in residential construction in Thailand

The architect Mario Kleff from Pattaya and his construction company Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd continue to set new standards in residential construction in Pattaya and across Thailand. With a joint effort, between Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD and B.S.Y. Group PLC, large box girders were installed to achieve a cantilever reaching over 19 metres to each wing side starting from a centre column. The enormous steel girders were designed by Mario himself and fabricated in Samut Prakan...

Thaiger, October 02, 2021

Mario Kleff sets a new standard for construction sites in Pattaya

The Pattaya-based construction company Wandeegroup Asia, under the direction of CEO Mario Kleff, began work in June of this year. The Substructure work, consisting of 100+ piles and large concrete foundations were laid first, allowing the new villa to be safely and firmly set on the rock. What followed would impress some of the world’s greatest engineers, as large steel girders were prepared for the two upper floors, sitting on a 48-meter-long steel girder — 48 meter is the distance...

Thaiger, September 09, 2021

Germany’s finest engineering applied to residential properties in Pattaya

A few months ago, the German architect Mario Kleff demolished two new villas on Pratumnak Hill, which he is now replacing with a new one. The villa is being built using German engineering quality, with reinforced concrete and long steel girders. Intensive construction work has been underway at the Majestic Residence, Soi 366 Kasetsin, on Pratumnak Hill since May. Numerous trucks deliver steel and concrete every day for the construction of the Majestic Residence Villa by architect Mario Kleff TM Signature...

Thaiger, May 31, 2021

Eccentric architect to rebuild another perfectly good villa

Pattaya-based architect, designer, and engineer, Mario Kleff, is at it again – demolishing another perfectly fine villa to make way for one of his designs. Just like the Majestic Residence on Pratumnak Hill project The Thaiger reported last week, the villa at European Home Place in Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District will be raised to the ground before being reconstructed by Mario and his team. It’s understood that the owner of the property had initially consulted local contractors...

Thaiger, May 25, 2021

Brand new villas set to be demolished and replaced by identical ones

A foreign resident in Pattaya is demolishing 2 brand new villas he recently purchased for more than 46 million baht, clearing the way for the eccentric architect, Mario Kleff, to construct newly designed properties with the same façade. The owner of the property at Pattaya’s Majestic Residence on Pratumnak Hill said “I love the location, but I want a home with a bit more creativity and flare. I’ve definitely found the right man for the task in Mario...

Thaiger, September 06, 2019

Pattaya leopard is legal, media go and check it out

There’s a family who own a leopard in their home? We’ll have to go and check that out. So reporters from 77kaoded headed to the house in Na Jomtien in Pattaya where a Thai woman and her foreign husband have been keeping a leopard. Yes, a leopard. A very large cat with spots. This week the couple have been slammed on social media for keeping such a dangerous pet – one of those large, strong, carnivorous mammals with huge teeth...

The Pattaya News, September 04, 2019

Leopard kept as pet in Na Jomtien alarms local residents

A foreigner and his Thai wife has been condemned online by leading wildlife activists and social media for keeping a leopard as a pet at a rented house near Pattaya. A leading animal activist living in Thailand said he is shocked and baffled that the Thai authorities have allowed the man and his Thai wife to keep the leopard at their house in Na Jomtien, Sattahip. Sanook reported that “Wild Hawk” special forces...

Thaiger, September 03, 2019

Pet leopard not a hit with neighbours in Chonburi, Thailand

A couple in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, have not ingratiated themselves with neighbours after it was revealed they’re keeping a pet leopard in their home. It’s understood that a Thai woman known as Nittiya Wongsin, and her foreign husband Mario Kleff have just recently moved to the area from Chiang Mai, and news of their unusual pet has put neighbours very much on edge. The couple have just had a visit from the Thailand Wildlife...

Khaosod English, November 18, 2015

Leopard sightings prompt raid on Pattaya office

PATTAYA — Videos of leopards prowling around inside a Pattaya office building led police to raid the building yesterday. A dozen officials from the police, military and local agencies raided the Wandeegroup office in South Pattaya at around 5pm on Tuesday to find the leopards absent – their owner said they were visiting a Bangkok vet – but a variety of wildlife at the building including snakes, iguana and coral...

Real Estate Magazine Thailand, August 08, 2010

Signature design in Wong-Amat

Star architect Mario Kleff sets new standards with an iconic high-rise development in one of Pattaya’s premium locations. A one-of-kind 27m high construction allows visitors to experience actual sea views and actual lifestyle in the ultra-modern 38-story W Tower. The recent relaunch of the W Tower by Heights Holdings at Wong-Amat Beach has been well received within Pattaya’s investors’ circles. Part of this is...

Real Estate Magazine Thailand, August 08, 2010

Laguna Heights Condominium - Ready to move in

Laguna Heights, one of the landmark condominium projects at Wong-Amat Beach, designed and built by Mario Kleff’s Wandeegroup, opened to the public at the end of July. The project has taken exactly two years from the initial design phase and launch, through the various construction stages up to the opening. In the past few weeks architect Mario Kleff has conducted an inspection through the Laguna Heights building prior to the official opening...

Real Estate Magazine Thailand, May 11, 2010

Star Architect Mario Kleff

Mario Kleff, a 41-year-old iconic designer and architect, is the creative genius driving Wandeegroup, the Pattaya-based architecture, engineering and construction firm to more and more success. Now he is preparing the next step to become a developer of condominium and hotel projects. Today a new development in Pattaya usually takes about three years – one year of marketing and two of construction and building – and sometimes another year is added...

Real Estate Magazine Thailand, December 13, 2009

Why Wandeegroup is consistently successful

Success represents different things to different people. Many see it as the attainment of wealth; others find it in the accomplishments of their professional or private lives; and for some it is high social standing by gaining the admiration and respect of fellow human beings. But whatever yardstick you use to measure it by, it is an undeniable fact that Mario Kleff is a successful man. The Pattaya-based architect with an aristocratic background has in five years become one of the leading architects on Thailand’s eastern seaboard...

Real Estate Magazine Thailand, October 08, 2009

Wandeegroup - Deep knowledge with an intelligent base

Innovation, speed and quality have become the bywords of Mario Kleff’s architectural designs and Wandeegroup construction projects and all are clearly in evidence on schemes currently in progress – the Laguna Heights, Club Royal with six buildings, Park Royal 1 and 2 condominiums...

Real Estate Magazine Thailand, July 09, 2009

You win the match when we match you

Boom or bust is nothing new to the construction industry. It has wrestled for years with the property market yo-yoing between buoyant sales and virtual inertia. But the dilemma presented by the current downturn is rather different if only because of the global nature of the economic crisis. “The plain fact is that the buyers have gone away, discouraged by the reluctance of banks and mortgage providers to stump up the funds necessary...

Real Estate Magazine Thailand, April 04, 2009

Mutual honesty and trust is the only way forward

That’s the opinion of Wandeegroup joint MD Nittaya Wongsin who has strong views about the way business is conducted in Pattaya Times are tough in the property market – not just in Pattaya, not just in Thailand, but everywhere. And tough times call for closer cooperation between customer and supplier; a business regime characterised by openness, honesty and mutual trust to the benefit of all parties concerned...

Real Estate Magazine Thailand, March 05, 2009

Mario Kleff - People are right to call me arrogant

Arrogance is not a trait that most people would care to be accused of. But it’s one that doesn’t seem to bother architect, designer and Wandeegroup MD Mario Kleff too much. A number of people have told me I am arrogant, he said during an interview with Real Estate Magazine. I don’t think I am any more arrogant than the next person and, after all, we all have a little bit of arrogance in us. But then I think if my building designs...

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Lifestyle of Mario Kleff

Architect Mario Kleff's creative canvas extends beyond the realm of traditional architecture and construction. His multifaceted persona finds expression not only in crafting buildings but also in the meticulous design of bespoke motorcycles and automobiles on Pinterest, a statement to his distinctive artistic sensibilities.

Within the realm of motorcycle engineering, two notable masterpieces, the Mod Dam 1199 R and the Thailand Dragon, stand as shining exemplars of Mario's unparalleled achievements. These vehicular creations represent the fusion of design aesthetics with precision engineering, a distinctive hallmark of Mario Kleff's craftsmanship in automotive design.

To delve deeper into the world of Mario Kleff's custom cars and motorcycles is to uncover a realm where innovation and artistry converge, delivering an experience that transcends the ordinary. Explore Mario Kleff going to extremes in pursuit of perfection.

Yet, Mario Kleff's influence transcends the mechanical world, as he leads a life underscored by unwavering principles. His commitment to wildlife protection in Thailand underscores a profound connection with the natural world. This is epitomized by the deep and meaningful relationship he cultivated with two majestic leopards, Fasai and Typhoon, which played a significant role in the tapestry of his existence.

In a remarkable display of dedication, Mario Kleff devoted thirteen months to living amidst the pristine landscapes of Thailand's northern region. His motivation was clear – to optimize the quality of life for these remarkable creatures, underscoring his profound commitment to both the environment and the creatures that inhabit it.

Mario Kleff on his motorcycle in Pattaya

Mario Kleff on his motorcycle in Pattaya. Photo: Frank Keller

Architect Mario Kleff: A Multifaceted Journey Beyond Design and Trademark

Within his professional sphere, the esteemed architect Mario Kleff took the significant step of registering his name as a trademark in Thailand, emblematic of his enduring commitment to his craft and personal brand.

When one delves into the essence of Mario Kleff, his background and philosophy come to the fore. He eloquently expresses, If we promote lobster, we should provide it, reflecting his deeply rooted principles of delivering what is promised. In this context, the allure of fresh, succulent shrimps also finds its place in his multifaceted approach to life.

For a more profound understanding of the architect's personal intricacies and beliefs, one can explore the comprehensive details in Mario Kleff: FAQ & Facts About the Visionary Architect.

The tapestry of Mario Kleff's life is an intricate one, interwoven with a creative lifestyle that continues to captivate those around him. It is a life that has prompted numerous voices to urge him to chronicle his captivating anecdotes and experiences in the form of a book.

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Mario Kleff: A Biography Enhanced by Anime-Style Illustrations

After a meticulous year-long endeavor marked by in-depth investigation and the gathering of verifiable facts, British writer Robert Collins undertook the monumental task of crafting a biography that would unveil the enigmatic layers of Mario Kleff's journey. Adding a unique artistic dimension to this literary endeavor is an accomplished illustrator from Thailand, who lends their talents to infuse anime-style illustrations into the chapters, further enriching the narrative of this compelling project. Explore more on Biography book | Childhood of Mario Kleff.

Mario Kleff with his leopards Fasai and Typhoon

Mario Kleff with his leopards Fasai and Typhoon. Illustration: Chellin


Biography Book Mario Kleff - Without Fear

Written by Robert Collins and Thiti Teerachin

Biography book Mario Kleff - Without Fear

e-Book Mario Kleff - Without Fear
Sales price: $8.90 USD
Author: Robert Collins and Thiti Teerachin

Copyright © Thiti Teerachin (Thai: ธิติ ธีรชินทร์). All rights reserved.
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Explore Mario Kleff Reproduced the Book of Kells (German).

News article about Mario Kleff with the Book of Kells in Bad Vilbel.


Mario Kleff cuts an unconventional figure in the echelons of the real estate business in Thailand. Originally from Germany, the story of the man began in Bang Khun Thian, one of 50 districts Bangkok, Thailand. Without money and with just a bamboo hut as a home, Mario Kleff found a livelihood by selling coconuts in a longtail boat on the water channels to Bangkok. Within a few years, he became a millionaire and a recognized architect on the Eastern Seaboard.

Mario has, indeed, a fascinating character; a driven individual who knows what he wants and generally knows how to get it. His sheer will and commitment leads to its own way in privacy and in business. He prefers a companionship of leopards rather than a common family life. He builds up his own cars and motorcycles and stands the consequences of an uncompromising and creative lifestyle. Mario Kleff was born into a middle-class family with an aristocratic background. His motto: Express yourself without fear...

Mario Kleff – Investing for success

... I was only interested in upmarket projects because they gave me the scope to put my personal stamp on them. I welded steel plates to the beam and foundation with my name and date of creation, he said. I wasn’t able to do that with mid-market or budget priced housing because there was no design challenge involved in them. It wasn’t possible to achieve anything special because of budgetary constraints. The need to be individual, perhaps even unique, was so important to Mario that he took on a villa project only if he was given an entirely free hand to design what he liked. The owner’s job was to stipulate what he wanted the property to consist of and no more. The structure was up to Mario.

By the end of 2007, the Wandeegroup had around 100 construction workers on the payroll in addition to its office staff. Mario Kleff knew that the key to achieving what he wanted on site was having the right people in charge, so he chose three foremen who he personally trained in his own, inimitable way. Each had a car, a salary, and the motivation of a percentage of the profits from the projects under their control. They were trained in the same strict manner I had used with my office staff, said Mario. I earned their respect and loyalty by being tough. They quickly learned that they were to take orders from nobody but me. We drank together, celebrated together and, on occasions, I set aside the fact I was the boss and we fought together. They called me crazy, as did my office staff, but it achieved results that they could share in.

By the end of 2009, Mario Kleff and his Wandeegroup had designed between 30 and 40 apartment buildings, including individual structures like the Leto, View Talay, South Beach Boutique Chic, I-Condominium, On The Hill, Domum, Maraka, Laguna Bay, Laguna Heights and The Cube. But there were also more complex developments on the drawing board like The Wave with 2 buildings, Park Royal Series, consisting of 4 buildings, and the Club Royal with 5 buildings for Heights Holdings Co Ltd managed by CEO Haim Bar-David. The Club Royal was subjected to three complete redesigns including new building permits, said Mario, somewhat grimly. Mario Kleff also designed the Suan Sawarn complex of 13 buildings, the largest condominium resort of the TAG Development Group, under the direction of Gordon Keith Gillen. The development of Suan Sawarn consisted of four phases. The architectural design and the master plan of Suan Sawarn phase 1 remain and can be regarded as new development The Ivy Jomtien.

Chapter 1 - Hunsruck

04 March 1973

The Hunsruck is a 124-kilometre expanse of rolling hills, low mountains and sweeping forests in southern Germany. It lies in the triangle formed by the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Moselle and is part of the western German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It stretches from Koblenz in the north to Trier in the south, close to the border with Luxembourg. Hunsruck is a magnet for nature lovers...

Find here the biography book chapter 1 in html format.

Chapter 2 - Out to Africa and Chapter 3 - Life in the desert

11 February 1976

Mario’s ability to self-educate prepared him well for his journey to Africa. The fact his reading material consisted of books more likely to appeal to students 10 years older meant he had already studied the topography, climate and economies of North African countries on the Mediterranean seaboard. He was excited by the prospect of spending time in these new, exotic surroundings, but he was even more...

Download the biography book chapters 1-3 in pdf format.

Chapter 8 - The wager

20 Mai 1989

"The ancient, magical, beautiful Book of Kells was to become an obsession for Mario Kleff, adding his name to an illustrious list of scholars who had come under its spell. The 1,200 year old book is a masterpiece of medieval illuminated script. Its 680 pages each measure 33 centimetres by 25 and are widely believed to have been originated by Columban monks on the Scottish island of Iona in about the year 800 AD...

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