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Longest cellular beam of 48 meter installed by Mario Kleff


The longest cellular beam is 48 meter between two columns.

Proven in 2021, a cellular beam can extend 40 meter between two columns to support heavy concrete floors.

Mario Kleff, 03 January, 2022

The architect Mario Kleff from Pattaya installed a cellular beam of 48 meter between two columns to support a heavy concrete floor with a long span. The cellular beam larger than 16 meters is usually used to support light roofs, not post-tensioned concrete floors. The installation took place in 2021 in a villa building in the Majestic Residence on Phra Tamnak Hill.

The villa has a usable space of 2,500 m2, 550 m2 define the basement. The building is built with high-strength steel mixtures and ultra-high-strength marine concrete for columns and floors. Such specifications are usually used for the construction of modern bridges and skyscrapers near the ocean.

The villa was designed, including civil engineering by the architect Mario Kleff based in Pattaya and his assistant architect Waraporn Na-Lampang.

Since Mario Kleff is not a licensed architect in Thailand, leading engineers such as Dr. Songkiat Matupayont, Prapat Boonlualoah and Sadudee Boonlualoah joined the project to review the design and to agree on the construction process.

48 meter cellular beam in Pattaya

Mario Kleff and his Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd install a 48 meter cellular beam, 2021, Majestic Residence Pattaya

Question and answers about the cellular beam

What is a cellular beam?

A cellular beam is the developed form of the traditional castellated beam.

Is a cellular beam a good solution?

A steel beam with web openings, commonly known as cellular beam, is a extremely popular and versatile structural steel component.

How long can a cellular beam span be?

A cellular beam can span over 48 meter between pillars.

Can the cellular beam be used for composite construction?

The architect Mario Kleff from Pattaya has been using the cellular beam since 2008 to support post-tensioned concrete floors.

How long has the cellular beam been used in Thailand?

The architect Mario Kleff, based in Pattaya, introduced the cellular beam to Thailand in 2007.

Which building in Thailand was first built with a cellular beam?

Park Royal 2 designed by architect Mario Kleff.

Is the cellular beam a box girder?

The cellular beam can be used to produce a box girder.

Cantilever construction in Pattaya

Mario Kleff and his Wandeegroup Asia Co Ltd built a cantilever of 19 meter with steel box girder and cellular beam, 2022, Majestic Residence Pattaya

large box girder construction

Large steel box girder and cellular beam for cantilever construction of 19 meter, 2022, Majestic Residence Pattaya