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Mario Kleff The Touch®
539 Moo 12 Kasetsin 11 Alley Pattaya Nong Prue, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150
A modern real estate complex called Mario Kleff's The Touch® was created by the architect Mario Kleff and Wandeegroup (Thailand) Co Ltd. The structure, which only has two supporting columns and spans more than 25 meter, is the first of its kind in Thailand in 2011 and features a full touchscreen control system.
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Mario Kleff The Touch® model blue

Mario Kleff developed condominium tower The Touch in 2012

Location The Touch on Phra Tamnak Hill

Location The Touch on Phra Tamnak Hill, The Touch®

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Facts and the story of a special project

A high-rise condo raised the bar.

Mario Kleff's The Touch® may still be Thailand's only two-column high-rise building in 2022.

Mario Kleff, 26 April, 2022

With only 32 residential apartments, including a three-story penthouse, The Touch®, a 33-story high-rise building covered in reflected blue glass that mimics the hues of the ocean, is a real modern and opulent condominium construction and a new icon on Phra Tamnak Hill.

At 539 Moo 12 Kasetsin 11 Alley Pattaya Nong Prue, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, the former The Touch® is now the Andromeda condominium complex. The new construction and its location give great views of Pattaya Bay despite the fact that the building's style has altered.

The Touch® represents cutting-edge engineering and intelligent systems. Each of the two columns is made up of three massive, large-diameter, round, high-grade steel tubes formed in marine concrete. To keep the structure light but exceptionally strong, Mario Kleff incorporated cellular beams, which are welded as a huge box carrier for each level. Marine concrete floor slabs that have been heavily post-tensioned maintain the structure stable.

The structure includes round steel tubes and cellular box girders

The structure includes round steel tubes and cellular box girders, The Touch®

Mario Kleff's interior design ideas and finishing with its state-of-the-art lighting system built into door frames, walls, floors, and ceilings, The Touch® is stunning. It also features custom-made carpets in the colors red, gray, blue, yellow, and purple and futuristic furniture. Each residence becomes an artistic environment due to the pleasant manner of life within these walls.

Entrance to a smaller unit

Entrance to a smaller unit, The Touch®

View over a small unit

View over a small unit, The Touch®

Detail of a small unit

Detail of a small unit, The Touch®

Bedroom of a small unit

Bedroom of a small unit, The Touch®

Bathroom of a small unit

Bathroom of a small unit, The Touch®

Only a few apartment units were intended for The Touch; these included studios, duplexes with two bedrooms, two-bedroom apartments, and loft-styled flats that span two and even three stories. The total number of units offered in the condominium skyscraper is fewer than 40.

2-bedroom apartments and duplexes with two bedrooms

2-bedroom apartments and duplexes with two bedrooms, The Touch®

Scale model of a larger 2-bedroom unit

Scale model of a larger 2-bedroom unit, The Touch®

Too often, one crash leads to another

The TAG Group, a business run by Gordon Gillen, and the architect Mario Kleff collaborated in mid-2000. In Pattaya and all of Thailand, the real estate market was growing at this time of optimism. Mario Kleff created anticipation with the Sky Park concept. A 198-meter skyscraper with a span of more than 38 meter and a two-column design was the task assigned to the architect. The authority accelerated the development of Jomtien's new Second Road in order to license this project. Regrettably, the developer filed for bankruptcy, which quickly led to the project's termination.

After being let down once more, Mario Kleff persisted, and the idea to begin working as a real estate developer was created. The dissatisfaction with the unfulfilled Sky Park served as the inspiration for The Touch®. The condominium tower was planned by Mario Kleff and his wife and business partner Nittaya Wongsin after they purchased the property.

A tower that may be the most recognizable building on Phra Tamnak Hill

Construction of The Touch® began in December 2011 after Mario Kleff successfully completed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure and secured the formal planning permission. Wandeegroup Thailand and developer Mario Kleff both contributed approximately 5 million dollars or 165.000.000 Thai Baht. Because of the global financial crisis, the venture collapsed before it was finished.

Wandeegroup worker built a deep foundation

Wandeegroup worker built a deep foundation, Mario Kleff The Touch®

Mario Kleff The Touch® deep foundation

Deep foundation, Mario Kleff The Touch®

Facts and detail about Mario Kleff

Question and answers about The Touch ®

Who is the architect of The Touch®?

The Touch® was developed by architect Mario Kleff.

Why has The Touch® stopped?

Due to the financial crisis, only a portion of The Touch® was really built before it was sold to the developer of Andromeda.

Is Mario Kleff a high-rise building architect?

In addition to a few other skyscrapers he designed outside of Thailand, Mario Kleff was hired to design the Wong Amat Tower in 2009 and later a 198-meter skyscraper with a two-column design and a span of over 38 meter called Sky Park.

Why is The Touch a landmark?

The Touch is an iconic minimalist high-rise building with a sizable blue facade.

Why is The Touch special?

The Touch® is the only skyscraper with a two-column structure in Thailand.

Is the term The Touch® a trademark?

In 2012, Touch® design, name, and logo were all registered as trademarks. The rights belong to Mario Kleff.

Mario Kleff The Touch location

Location of The Touch ®, Phra Tamnak Hill, Pattaya

Mario Kleff The Touch master plan

Master plan of The Touch ®, Phra Tamnak Hill, Pattaya

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