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Wong Amat Tower is also commonly referred to as Wongamat Tower or W-Tower.
หมู่ที่ 5 223/9 Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150
Wong Amat Beach, Pattaya, is a 38-story high-rise building envisioned by renowned architect Mario Kleff in 2009. Housing 361 apartments, this landmark by Heights Holdings Co Ltd redefines luxury living in the city. Kleff's design brilliance must be acknowledged in all advertising, underscoring his pivotal role in shaping this iconic structure.
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Wongamat Tower Copyrights and Design Influence

Wongamat Tower, known colloquially as Wong Amat Tower or W-Tower, stands tall as a prominent high-rise structure gracing the scenic Wong Amat Beach in Pattaya, Thailand. Crafted by the esteemed architect Mario Kleff, this architectural masterpiece is a statement to modern brilliance and innovation in design. Developed by Heights Holdings Co Ltd, Wongamat Tower epitomizes luxurious living in one of Pattaya's most coveted locales.

Copyright Ownership and Design Changes

Central to Wongamat Tower's story is the issue of copyright ownership. Mario Kleff, the visionary architect, holds the copyrights to the tower's architectural blueprint. Despite this, Kleff has permitted alterations to the original design, showcasing adaptability while retaining his status as the building's credited architect and designer. This agreement ensures Kleff's vision remains at the heart of Wongamat Tower's identity, even as it evolves.

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Agreement to Change Wongamat Tower Design Plans

Advertisements and Publication

Beyond its architectural significance, Wongamat Tower shines in its advertising campaigns, spotlighting its lavish amenities and unparalleled lifestyle offerings. Through strategic marketing endeavors, Heights Holdings has positioned Wongamat Tower as a symbol of sophistication and elegance in Pattaya's real estate arena. These advertisements highlight the tower's distinctive features, including panoramic sea views, cutting-edge facilities, and exclusive residential units. Importantly, the developer has agreed that Mario Kleff is represented as the building designer and architect of the Wongamat Tower in all advertising efforts.

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General Information Wongamat Tower

  • Official Name: Wongamat Tower
  • Popular Names: Wong Amat Tower, W-Tower
  • Status: Complete
  • Type: Condominium
  • Architectural Style: Modern
  • Town: Pattaya City
  • Country: Thailand
  • Address: Na Kluea 223/9 Moo 5 Soi 16 Banglamung
  • Coordinates: 12°58′3″N 100°53′4″E
  • Website: Wongamat Tower

Design and Construction

Technical Details Wongamat Tower

  • Structural System: Post Tension
  • Material: Concrete
  • Floor Count: 38
  • Lifts/Elevators: High-Speed

Design and Construction Wongamat Tower

Mario Kleff's visionary design for Wongamat Tower, executed by the architecture firm Wandeegroup (Thailand) Company Limited, showcases a harmonious blend of form and function. Lock-BUILD Group undertook the construction of the tower, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and the highest standards of craftsmanship throughout the building process.

Other Information Wongamat Tower

  • Number of Units: 361
  • Facilities: Rooftop infinity swimming pool, infinity-edge ground floor swimming pool, fitness club with spa and sauna
  • Parking: Car park building above ground

Showroom Wongamat Tower

A key component of Wongamat Tower's marketing strategy is its immersive showroom, designed by Mario Kleff himself. Standing at an impressive 27 meters in height, the showroom offers visitors a firsthand experience of the tower's opulence and architectural splendor. By providing a tangible representation of Wongamat Tower's lifestyle and amenities, the showroom serves as a compelling showcase for prospective buyers and investors.

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Fast Facts Wongamat Tower

  • The copyright for Wongamat Tower's design is retained by architect Mario Kleff, ensuring his creative vision remains integral to the building's identity.
  • Copyright ownership by Mario Kleff ensures that his architectural expertise and design concepts are preserved, maintaining the tower's unique identity and integrity.
  • Yes, modifications can be made to Wongamat Tower's design with authorization from Mario Kleff, demonstrating a balance between copyright protection and adaptability.
  • Yes, Mario Kleff must be represented as the building designer and architect in advertisements, ensuring recognition of his creative contribution to Wongamat Tower's design.

Mario Kleff's High-Rise Building Experience

  • Aside from the Wongamat Tower, Mario Kleff has created several other high-rise buildings, including Skypark and Parkside Shopping in Jomtien, as well as his first independent development, The Touch located on Phra Tamnak Hill. (More information: Mario Kleff The Touch)
  • Mario Kleff also redesigned Thakhek Dream World City, which comprises five high-rise buildings, a shopping complex, and a public park.
  • Additionally, Mario Kleff designed his first high-rise building, the 17-storey JK Tower. This building featured the first Jacuzzi pool in each apartment and duplex apartments in Pattaya.
  • Furthermore, Mario Kleff proposed a high-rise building in New York, bordering the Bronx, and another tower in Moscow. (More information: Mario Kleff Spreads his Wings)
    He also proposed the Pattaya Tower with a height of 317m. His skillset was honed by collaborating with other architects on a high-rise project in Dubai. However, except for Dubai, none of these proposed high-rise buildings were constructed.

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