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From as early as 2004, Mario Kleff has consistently elevated the standards of architectural finesse in Pattaya. His avant-garde architectural and structural solutions were often beyond the ken of local engineers, attributed largely to their limited proficiency in advanced engineering and intricate construction design.
From 2005-2010, Mario Kleff conceived structures with expansive 40-meter spans between columns.
Mario Kleff, during the 1990s, honed his academic prowess in media design, art history, and architecture. Subsequently, he developed a profound inclination towards cutting-edge engineering and embraced the nuances of brutalist and minimalist architectural paradigms.
While Mario Kleff doesn't possess formal licensure as an engineer or architect within Thailand's official frameworks, he garnered a notable endorsement in 2010. Pichet Utaywattananonta, the distinguished Director of Pattaya City-Hall's Construction Department, vouched for his eligibility for a PhD in architecture. Regrettably, universities in Bangkok declined, attributing it to his non-Thai citizenship status.
The term 'Star Architect' in relation to Mario Kleff is a false claim, created by the real estate developer Heights Holdings to enhance design and sales for their development projects designed by Wandeegroup and Mario Kleff.

Design questions

Mario Kleff ® eschews decorative embellishments that lack substantive design significance. His ethos resonates with the belief that Excellent architecture is devoid of ornament. Consequently, he holds a distinct preference for the austere elegance of minimalism and the raw, powerful aesthetic of brutalist architecture.
Mario Kleff ® places a definitive emphasis on the creation of structures distinguished by expansive spans and meticulously engineered construction. The architect, Mario Kleff, exhibits a distinct affinity for the timeless aesthetics of ancient architectural forms. He contends that "in antiquity, builders and architects embraced monumental scales without trepidation."
For the Mario Kleff brand, the allure of futuristic architectural concepts is contingent upon a floor plan that encompasses a minimum grid of 20 meters. Modern construction technology and intricate systems play pivotal roles in elevating the realm of architectural design. The brand's preferred architectural aesthetic encompasses elements such as glass, steel, concrete, expansive cantilevers, movable components, and extensive spans.
Mario Kleff ®, in his characteristic enigmatic style, responds with a question, "Can... you envision it?" This suggests a willingness to consider and potentially undertake more commonplace design projects based on the client's desires and Mario Kleff's vision.

Benefit questions

The Mario Kleff brand extends a compelling array of advantages. Structures meticulously crafted by Mario Kleff ® and constructed in collaboration with Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD embody an exceptional blend of excellence. Notably, these properties command a superior resale value in the real estate market, underpinned by their enduring appeal and longevity. Such lasting value underscores the brand's commitment to architectural excellence and unwavering dedication to quality.
The overarching vision of the Mario Kleff brand is firmly anchored in the auspicious prospects of Thailand's future, notably in the vibrant locales of Pattaya and the Chon Buri region. As envisioned by Mario Kleff ®, this promising future hinges on the integration of spacious living environments and captivating architectural masterpieces into every emerging real estate development. The brand's mission thus revolves around shaping the landscape with expansive and alluring structures, underscoring its unwavering commitment to advancing the realm of architectural excellence.
The architect Mario Kleff is a brand for world-class architecture and signature buildings.

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