General questions

Mario Kleff has exceeded the limits of construction design in Pattaya since 2004. Mario Kleff's early architectural designs and technical solutions for buildings could not be understood by local engineers due to the lack of knowledge of engineering and construction design. The construction department Pattaya City-Hall connected Mario Kleff to advanced engineers from Bangkok for approval.
From 2005 to 2010, Mario Kleff designed buildings with spans of over 40 meter between two columns. There are a number of buildings, including Park Royal 2 and Club Royal in Pattaya, which had to be approved by advanced engineers from Bangkok. For the design of Park Royal 2 and Club Royal Condominium in 2008, Mario Kleff has integrated the cellular beam that were not available at the time. Mario Kleff delivered the Cell-Vibe 1.0 design software to the local building departments so that this construction technology could be introduced. In 2022, Mario Kleff still holds the record for the longest span with over 48 meter between two columns in the house construction in Thailand.

Other technical solutions, including the use of the composite structure, which consists of cellular beam and post-tensioned concrete slabs, as well as the design for skyscrapers with only two columns that hold the building, as well as a villa with just one column in the middle of the building, make up the success of Mario Kleff.
Mario Kleff studied art and history of art, architecture and media design in the early 1990s. Mario Kleff later expanded his interest in minimalist and brutalist architecture and world-class engineering.
Although Mario Kleff is neither a licensed architect nor a licensed engineer in Thailand, he was recommended by the authorities for PhD in architecture and engineering. Due to German citizenship and lack of Thai citizenship, the University of Bangkok refused.

Design questions

Mario Kleff ® does not deal with decorations that have nothing to do with design. Good architecture is without decoration. A preferred style is therefore brutalist architecture and minimalist.
Mario Kleff ® focus on large spans and solid and professional foundation work. Mario Kleff TM likes ancient architecture style. Thousands of years ago, builders and architects weren't afraid of size.
Modern construction technology and advanced systems are important to promote architectural design as long as the floor plan shows a grid of at least 20 meter. Mario Kleff ® prefers architectural design with large spans and long cantilever, movable components, steel, concrete and lots of glass.

Benefit questions

Buildings designed by Mario Kleff ® and built by the Wandeegroup Asia Co LTD have a long lifespan and a higher resale value.
Mario Kleff ® sees a bright future for Thailand, especially for the Chon Buri region and Pattaya. Every new real estate development must therefore offer large living space and aesthetic structures.