Mario Kleff


Mario Kleff ™ - Pattaya Architecture And Design Firm


Trademark pending - Mario Kleff ™ is to become a registered trademark, including all of his architectural and creative work. Every building with the Mario Kleff ™ trademark is a property with added value. From 2005 to 2010 the Mario Kleff signature was affixed to five buildings.


Mario Kleff has been creating real estate design since 2004 and has developed into a recognizable brand for brutalist and minimalist architecture. The heavy use of concrete and steel is the hallmark that people have seen on almost every Mario Kleff project over the years. There are also a number of bespoke motorcycles and cars. For more information on design, see frequently asked questions.


The German-Thai designer Mario Kleff is a specialist in civil engineering and the architectural design of buildings of all kinds, including high-rise buildings and large-span structures. Mario Kleff has been working as a designer since 1997. The Pattaya-based architect became known to the public in 2005 with his Wandeegroup for the design of the Futureproof Villa and later the Japanese House. Read the Biography of Mario Kleff.